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A. Format

Team comprised of 10 players
All competitions are to be played in match play format
Each game is worth 1 point (Ties = ½ point)
Total of 6 points for the match
Each team that has a representative attend the preseason meeting shall be awarded 2 points.
Each team that pays the $200 association fee at the preseason meeting shall be awarded 2 points.

Teams compete in 6 games for the match as follows:

  1. 2-man Scramble
  2. 2-man Shamble
    – both players drive the ball, pick a driven ball and both players play individual ball into the hole
  3. 2-man Fourball
  4. Single # 1
  5. Single #2
  6. 2-man Scramble/Shamble (9 holes each)

B. Playoffs and/or Championship & Tie Breaker

2 Division League – Agriculture Division & Livestock Division

Division assignments will be made by geographical location and approved by the Captains at the preseason meeting.

Each team will have matches during the season, home and away against each team in the division. The Division Championship will be awarded to the team with the most points accumulated in each division during division play.

At the end of the season play, the 1st place teams of each division shall compete for the Country Cup Championship. This match shall be scheduled by the 2 Captains at a neutral Country Cup Golf Course.

Note: The usual $25 per player will be required to be paid to the host club.

Tie Breaker – In the event multiple teams tie for 1st place in a division, to determine a team to compete in the championship match.

1st tie breaker
– Total Points won during head to head season play – Total points of 2 matches

2nd tie breaker
– Coin flip

Championship Round Tie Breaker – If tied after the Championship Match there will be a sudden death playoff of a singles match.

Note: To qualify to play in the championship round, each golfer MUST have played in AT LEAST ONE competition match during the season.

C. Rules

Single matches ball played down
All other matches ball played up the length of a scorecard
All matches must be played on the same day – No preplay

Example: Richmond vs. Marshall is schedule to play on April 15th at 2:00 pm. All matches must be played at that time and at that location.

All competitors must be at least 18 years of age or older and not in high school

10 players are required to fill a team. Any games not filled by a player will be forfeited and 1 point awarded to the opponent.

Note:    All competitors must be a paid member in good standing at their country cup golf club. A member is considered a golfer that pays an annual membership fee to their respective golf club. Golfers that pay daily green fees are NOT considered a club member, therefore, the golfer would NOT be eligible to compete in Country Cup matches. Captains are responsible for enforcement of this rule.

14 Club limit rule is in effect
Distance measuring devices are allowed with or without slope
Standard U.S.G.A. rules applied with local rules applied

Each course is required to have a designated t-box as follows:

  • Seniors – age 60+ (Senior Tee)
  • All other players – age 59 and under and all club pros play from the 59 & under tees

9-hole courses may use front 9/back 9 designation

D. Captain Duties

Each member course shall select a Captain

The Captain shall submit his/her email and phone number for contact purposes to the Association Director and other Captains.

The Captain or his/her designee shall attend organizational meetings for scheduling and other administrative purposes

The host Captain, during competitions, shall be responsible for collecting all fees and submitting those fees to the club and the administrative fees to the Association Director

The home Captain shall be responsible to ensure that the match is scheduled and played in the time frame as noted by the Association Director

The Captain is responsible for verification of scorecards

The home team Captain or designee shall report the match results via text or email within 48 hours to the Director, Austin Hardison 816-519-1461 or

Ensure Team Members have been active members. Not recruited for Country Cup competition only.

Host Captain is responsible for the following before & after each match:


  • Organizing car setup before the match – 5 carts per team
  • Prepare scorecards before the match
  • Prepare an announcement including any local rules
  • Teeing assignments and important information 20 minutes before the match
  • Provide use of practice facilities including, but not limited to, driving range and putting greens


  • The host team Captain or designee shall report the match results via text or email within 48 hours to the Director, Austin Hardison 816-519-1461 or
  • Both captains must sign to attest the score report sheet before it is turned in
  • Please include the date and location of the match played
  • The home team captain SHALL PRESERVE ALL SCORECARDS until the end of the season should a dispute arise

E. Association Director

Appointed by majority vote of teams captains annually

Settle all disputes regarding scheduling and competition

Collect all organization fees/monies

Maintain a current financial report of receipts and expenditures

Schedule annual meetings for the purpose of scheduling competitions and other matters

Coordinate all web page activities

Update web page of standings and scheduling

Document personal expenses for reimbursement

Address and settle any disputes

F. Fees

$200 (cash only) per team payable no later than the preseason Captain meeting.

$25.00 to green fees and cart to host club
Note: The $25 fee will also be required for the Championship Match, payable to the host club.

F1. Administrative Cost

Association Director expenses

Hole In One $$ Pot
A $200 Pot is established to pay golfers for a HOLE-IN-ONE.
Maximum pay out shall be $100 per golfer.
Note: 3 or more hole-in-ones – golfers will split the $200 pot.
All payouts at the end of the season.